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Skin Consultation

Due to the nature of our services, a Skin Consultation and Analysis is compulsory before we can perform any skin treatment or prescribe any cosmeceutical product.

What Is a Clinical Skin Consultation?

Visia Skin Analysis

Our consultation includes an in-depth analysis of your skin to help determine what your skin needs are. 

In addition to assessing your skin, we will also discuss what lifestyle factors may be impacting your results and how we may be able to help you address any of these issues.

$190 – 90 mins

Our Skin Consultations, or as we like to call it, our skin education sessions, deeply dives into what makes up you and your skin. This consultation ensures we cover everything from gut health to hormones to genetics. We chat with you about your skin and your goals, give you a brief overview of your skin function, and how it is linked to your skin concerns.

Our 90-minute session includes

  • Visia imaging
  • A comprehensive treatment plan
  • A functional home care prescription, and;
  • A treatment that will set you on the right path to long-term sustainable skin health.


Your treatment on the day will be customised based on our conversation with you, your skin needs and the available time.

Allow up to 2 hours.

Don’t want a treatment on the day?
That’s ok we can still book you in for a 45 min Skin Consultation & Assessment valued at only $99.

$75* – 30 mins  |  *Redeemable on the day

A Skin Review is an excellent choice if you want to make some tweaks to your current skincare prescription or treatment plan.

To check in and preview the progress you are making to achieve your skin’s goals. Or to reset your goals when things change.

The cost is redeemable on products and services taken on the day.

$75* – 45 mins  |  *Redeemable on the day

Can’t make it to the clinic? It’s ok, we have you covered. Our Virtual Consultations dive deep into what makes up you and your skin but from the comfort of your home.      

We will chat with you about your goals, prescribe a comprehensive treatment plan and functional home care prescription and set you on the right path to long-term sustainable skin health.

Once your appointment time is confirmed we will send you an online consultation form, a link to upload skin photos, and video communication instructions.


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