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Specialist Treatments

Target specific skin concerns with precision and effectiveness administered with precision by our skilled skin clinicians.

Specialist Skin Therapies

Specialist Treatments

Specialised treatments provide tailored solutions for individuals, ensuring optimal results while addressing specific dermatological issues, ultimately promoting healthier, more radiant skin.

Address acne scars or sun damage, chemical peels for skin texture improvement, and micro-needling to stimulate collagen production.

*Please note these treatments are not suitable for first time clients.

$235 – 45 mins

The combination of a Laser Rejuvenation Facial and Clinical Peel is one of our favourite treatments. As a fantastic all rounder this treatment is ideal for skin maintenance, to address fine lines or as a pick me up before an event.

$249 – 60 mins

We have supercharged our Signature Facial by adding in a Microdermabrasion Clearing and a B5 infusion. This powerful combination is ideal to target, skin tightening, hydration, redness, texture and uneven skin tone and is sure to get results.

$299 – 90 mins

Restore the skin to its optimal function for increased and long-lasting age management with this detoxifying enzyme therapy. Combining the benefits of the PRIN lymphatic Mask system, clinical Peel and LED light therapy to eliminate toxins and strengthen the structural integrity, leaving your skin healthy and visibly firmer.

$420 – 60 mins

The ultimate in regenerative treatments, This combination of Laser and NeoPen Microneedling will stimulate collagen and elastin at a cellular level delivering visible and long-lasting results. Ideal for treating pigmentation, acne, skin tightening and brightens dull skin.

$475 – 45 mins

Really target your skin concerns and enhance your Meso-Needling treatment by including a Duosomal Peel and Prescribed Mask.


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